The Unseen beach. Enjoy the view of planes landing - Mai Khao Beach
query_builder 27 August 2021

Had Mai Khao, it is the Unseen place in Thailand for those who enjoy relaxing on the beach while watching planes landing. You may enjoy your vacation to the utmost with the beautiful scenery of the beach, take photos of a plane landing.


Mai Khao Beach, also known as Sanambin Beach, is a famous beach in Phuket close to Phuket Airport and next to the runway for take-off and landing of planes. It is located in the north of Phuket Island and is part of Sirinat Park. It is the longest beach in Phuket which has extended from Nai Yang Beach to Sai Kaew Beach covering a distance of almost 10 kilometers. The beach has soft white sand and sparkling water, but the beach is not popular for swimming and water activities because the sea in this area is deep and sometimes hit with big waves which may cause accidents.


This beach is really peaceful. Most of the tourists are both Thais and foreigners who come during the holidays and weekday evenings. People always visit here to enjoy watching the good atmosphere, beautiful sea, or take a close-up photo with a landing plane. Nowadays, the beach can be considered as one of the most Unseen Landmarks for plane observation.


With Mai Khao Beach's abundance, this place is frequently used as a mangrove forest and eco-learning center for those who study coastal ecosystems.