Get ready for the special southern local performances!
query_builder 18 August 2021

Get ready for the special southern local performances that we specifically chose for tourists to witness. There are 2 shows that we prepared for you: Manorah Dance and Ron Rae Dance. Each dance’s history is as follow:



Manorah Dance 

“Manorah Dance” or “Nora” which is one of the southern local performances that has been passed down for many years. The dance is very delicate and graceful, accompanied by an ad-lib poem. Another interesting aspect of the Manorah Dance is the outfit made from colorful beads, a beautiful and unique aspect of the dance.



Ron Rae Dance

“Ron Rae Dance” which is a dance that imitates the acts of finding, panning, and drying mineral; the processes of mining which is one of the southern people’s main occupations. The show mixes delicate dance moves with unique music. The Ron Rae Dance was once performed to welcome the Queen Mother Sirikit of Thailand when Her Majesty first visited the southern region in 1959.


Get ready to watch the 2 performances at the place and time in the schedule. Have fun with our shows!