D-M-H-T-T-A Stay Safe from COVID-19 with the Safety and Health Measures
query_builder 11 August 2021

After arriving in Thailand, you should still strictly and regularly comply with the safety and health measures. The Department of Disease Control by the Ministry of Public Health has introduced the “DMHTTA” measure which is an easy measure that everyone can follow, for your own safety and staying safe from the Coronavirus 2019. The details are as follow:


D : Distancing — keep distance between people and avoid any contact.

M : Mask wearing — wear a sanitary mask or cloth mask all the time.

H : Hand washing — regularly wash your hands with water and soap, or alcohol gel.

T : Temperature — check your body temperature before entering the establishments to screen any customers/service recipients who might be sick.

T : Testing — take the COVID-19 test following the campaign’s schedule.

A : Application — download and use the application “Thai Chana” and “Mor Chana” every time before entering and after leaving the establishments.