Listening to the sound of the crashing waves. Watching the sunset at the Khao Lak Lighthouse, a strong and graceful lighthouse in the midst of the azure sea and black sand beach.
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Nang Thong Beach is a well-known beach in Thailand. The highlight here is the black sandy beach, which exists only in a few places in the world. This black sand was formed by a large amount of tin that was thrown up from the sea and strewn across the beach. This place was originally a mine. Villagers often came to scoop sand into the chute by collecting only the black sand and extracting the tin from the black sand and sold it. This is how the Takua Pa villagers generated income in the past before this place was transformed into a tourist attraction.


As the black sandy beach, which is Nang Thong Beach's main attraction, has already been noted, another highlight that cannot be missed when arriving at this beach is the Khao Lak Lighthouse, which stands tall on the crag in the middle of the sea. The lighthouse is located near the beach, so visitors can walk from the beach to the lighthouse with ease. After the tsunami of 2004, this lighthouse was built to serve as a warning system for future disasters.


Although this lighthouse was built for a safety purpose, the astonishing white lighthouse in the midst of the azure sea makes this place a famous tourist attraction. Visitors often come to this place to take pictures and admire the beautiful sea of Phang Nga with the sunlight behind the scenes.


Although entering the lighthouse is not allowed because it is a place for emergency situations, you can go up the stairs at the lighthouse for a little higher sea view. Anyone who wants to see the gorgeous sea view at the lighthouse should come around 4-5 p.m. because it is the time when the tide is low causing part of the beach to come into contact with the crag allowing people to cross.



Location :

Address : Khuekkhak Subdistrict, Takua Pa District, Phang Nga Province