Chaweng Beach: famous beach in Ko Samui
query_builder 1 October 2021


If you ever come to Ko Samui, don’t forget to visit “Chaweng Beach”. It is the longest and most beautiful beach in Ko Samui. The 6-kilometer beach located to the east of the island is divided into 4 areas: north Chaweng, central Chaweng, south Chaweng, and Chaweng Noi Beach which is very popular among Thai and foreign tourists. Visitors often swim in the ocean, enjoy sunbathing, and doing outdoor activities here. There are various shops and restaurants lining along the beach, as well as great facilities to ensure tourists’ great time. Moreover, there are a wide range of unique-style hotels and resorts to welcome tourists at Chaweng Beach.

There are many transportation methods to travel to Chaweng Beach but the best and fastest choice is by boarding a highspeed ferry from Phuket to Chaweng Pier which takes about only an hour. It is a method that gives you privacy and also saves the time.

The must-do activity at Chaweng Beach is paying respect at Wat Phra Yai which is also a scenic viewpoint where you can see the entire beach from above. Other interesting activities to do are diving, snorkeling, and riding a banana boat which is an exciting activity that tourists loves. Due to its stunning scenery and various entertaining activities, Chaweng Beach is a popular tourist destination loved by most if not all tourists.