Saline hot spring, a natural spa at Khlong Thom
query_builder 1 October 2021


      If you're seeking for an excellent health spa to refresh your body, Saline Hot Spring Khlong Thom is the place to go. This is a place that offers you a natural treatment in an exotic setting, amidst the peace and beauty of green woodlands. Come and refresh yourself in one of the world's only two saltwater hot springs.

      Khlong Thom District of Krabi Province has been dubbed as “City of Spas” because the area has various types of natural springs scattered throughout the district. The hot spring that gained the most attention is Khlong Thom Saline Hot Spring which is a naturally occurring hot spring. It differs from other springs in that it emerges from the surface with a blend of geothermal and deep sea water. This hot spring is therefore classified as a salt hot spring which is very rare and there are only two salt hot springs around the world.

      Khlong Thom Saline Hot Springs is located in the middle of a big valley in the mangrove forest area of ​​Khlong Bang Phueng and Khlong Pho Huai Nam Khao Subdistrict covering an area of ​​approximately 204,360 square meters, consisting of 14 large and small hot springs with a heat level of 35 - 47 degrees celsius. This place is popular with Thai tourists and local people who typically come for hot springs and mud baths. There is a belief that soaking in mineral hot springs will treat various diseases such as diabetes, joint aches, circulatory disease, rash, etc.

      In addition, Khlong Thom Saline Hot Spring is also a sacred place that the locals respect. An altar known as the “saline hot spring table” was placed in the area for good fortune.

      Just a little further next to the saline hot spring is a natural mangrove forest where you can enjoy the peaceful atmosphere full of flora and fauna. For those who want to relax with spa treatments, there is the “Salty Hot Spring Thai Traditional Medicine Center” that offers traditional Thai massages to tourists available for service.