Koh Ngai, the natural charm of Krabi
query_builder 1 October 2021


      Islands of the Andaman Sea are known for their beauty and abundant nature. Each place has a different history and story, attracting tourists to visit. Koh Ngai also known as "The Charming Gem of the South Sea" one of the islands of the Andaman Sea is well-known for its tranquility and privacy.

      Koh Ngai, a small island in the south of Krabi. It is an island under the supervision of Mu Ko Lanta National Park located only 15 kilometers from the pier, in the boundary of Krabi Province and Trang Province. Koh Ngai has a total area of ​​only 4.8 kilometers, where the abundance of nature is perfectly preserved. The water is clear, you are able to see fish swimming underwater.

On the east side, there is the white sandy beach stretching along the coast. You can take a stroll and admire the beautiful scenery here. On the west side, there are high mountains full of large trees covering the area. On the south side, there are a bay and Cape Guan Yin, the beautiful viewpoint of Koh Ngai. And on the southeast side of the island, there is a small bay in the harbor area which is an excellent snorkeling site because there are coral reefs lined around making this area a popular place for tourists.

      In addition, Koh Ngai also has 4 satellite islands to visit namely Koh Chuak, Koh Ma, Koh Waen and Koh Muk, all of which are outstanding places for snorkeling as well as being habitats for various kinds of fish.

      The island is very quiet unlike other islands, the vast majority of tourists are foreigners who come to sunbathe, read a book and relax on the beach.