"Tanyapura Sports and Health Resort", world-class sports resort in Phuket
query_builder 1 October 2021


      Before going on a trip, it is common to make a hotel reservation in advance. And everyone always chooses a hotel that offers activities or services that support lifestyle and most suitable for themselves to make the trip as cheerful and enjoyable as possible. If you want to try something new, "Tanyapura Sport and Health Resort," a world-class sports resort with modern amenities is the resort that you should consider.

Thanyapura Sports and Health Resort, a large resort with an area of ​​​​over 140 rai, is another resort that is suitable for health and wellness types of tourists. The resort offers various facilities for people who like exercise, both indoor and outdoor, such as sports fields, large swimming pools, fitness centers and other outdoor exercise activities. There is a health center and medical services that supports tourists who want to enhance their physical health and the mind as well.

Besides the facilities and all the services mentioned above, the rooms are clean and comfortable to live in as well. The resort itself is located near the international airport. As a result, foreign tourists often choose to stay here. There is also good feedback from customers who come to use the service resulting in higher review scores.