Thalang Museum, an invaluable historical site for Phuket residents.
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      "Thalang Museum" is one of the most famous museums in Phuket that features antique artifacts and the exhibition about the way of life of Phuket people in the past.

      Thalang National Museum or as we call it Thalang Museum is located at the intersection of Thao Thepkasattri - Thao Si Sunthon monument about 200 meters away from the monument. The museum was established by cooperation of the Phuket people, both the public and the private sector with the intention to collect ancient artifacts and to preserve knowledge about history, archaeology, art and culture and the way of life of the Phuket people in the past including the "Celebration of 200 Years of Thalang Heroines" honoring Thao Thepkasattri and Thao Sri Sunthon, two heroines of Phuket in the historical event 'Thalang battle'.

      Inside the museum, there is only one floor of exhibition space, but it is divided into different rooms. Not only Phuket Province, other provinces nearby such as Krabi Province, Phang Nga Province are also included in the exhibitions. Overall, it's a place that gathers and exhibits knowledge about the past and the culture of the southern Thai people. There are also rare antiques you can find here such as, vishnu inscriptions, earthenware, beads and ornaments including ancient weapons used in battles which are the legacy of the Na Thalang family. The highlight here is the Vishnu statue, 235 cm in height, made of stone which is Pallava art found in the 14th Buddhist era in ​​Khao Phra Narai area, Phang Nga Province.

      The museum was designed by a famous architect who applies the uniqueness of local Southern Thai houses in modern architecture to maintain durability. It received the Gold Medal award, which is an award for outstanding architectural design in the category of buildings that promote art and culture from the Association of Siamese Architects under the Royal Patronage. It has also been declared as a national historic site.

It is a valuable place for those who want to learn about history. Do not forget to stop by for interesting historical stories at Thalang Museum.