Central Festival Samui: a paradise of shopping
query_builder 1 October 2021


Central Festival Samui is another large department store located in Ko Samui that gathers many famous brand-name shops and leading restaurants to provide service for customers. The department store’s theme is “Theme Mall style” that focuses on utilizing Ko Samui community’s lifestyles to create a unique and distinctive department store, as well as presenting the local culture. Central Festival Samui is located on 90,000 square meters of land at Chaweng Beach Road which is the best location in a commercial district of Samui surrounded by many top-notch accommodations.

Central Festival Samui’s architecture is designed under a concept of "Reminiscence of Southern Lifestyle" that adapts 4 lifestyles of Samui people into 4 zones, each zone consisting of each type of shops. The 4 zones are 1) Chaweng Port, 2) Birdcages, 3) Fisherman Village, and 4) Beach Town Market.

The first zone, Chaweng Port, is the main entrance of Central Festival Samui that changes the old port into a contemporary style. It is a large outdoor zone divided into 2 floors consisting of many popular coffee shops, restaurants, bars, and cocktail lounge.

The second zone, Birdcages, is a Sino-Portuguese style fashion shop zone decorated by pillars similar to a birdcage. The zone consists of many famous clothing brand shops.

The third zone, Fisherman Village, is the main zone in Central Festival Samui that designed in a fisherman village theme to represent the lifestyle of fishermen in Ko Samui.

The fourth zone, Beach Town Market, is located near Phru Chaweng Sport Yard. It is an open-air entertainment zone and relaxing zone designed in a Colonial style. There are many benches and chairs for resting. Whether you want to enjoy shopping, looking for great restaurants, or just taking a stroll, Central Festival Samui is a great place to visit!