Visit a 100-year-old luxury mansion at Chinpracha House
query_builder 30 September 2021

If you like to see traces of history, you may visit “Baan Chinpracha”, the first famous Sino-Portuguese mansion in Phuket.


Chinpracha House or Phra Phithak Chinpracha House is the first luxury Sino-Portuguese mansion in Phuket. In the past, it was known as "Ang Mor Lao", which was known for its beauty in both architectural design and historical storytelling of Phuket in the past. This house was built at the end of the reign of King Rama V by Phra Phithak Chinpracha, an overseas Hokkien Chinese who emigrated to Phuket, and a progenitor of the "Tantavanich" family. Today, this place is over 100 years old and its architectural design blends both the Chinese style and the Western style perfectly together, such as the European style stake, the wooden louvered windows and the gilded doors. House layout was designed according to the principles of Chinese Feng Shui and the uniqueness of the Chinese people. The house has a fountain in the middle and is open-air according to a traditional Chinese style.


In addition, furniture, items and other appliances are also designed and imported from abroad. Each piece is as old as the building and most of them are inherited from Chinese ancestors. Some pieces were brought from China, and some were imported from abroad 100 years ago, such as tiles from Italy, fence from Holland, dining table set from Penang, antique bed from China, antique ceramic bowls and many more.


Not only the beauty of the architecture and objects that has been preserved, Baan Chinpracha also presents the culture of Phuket through traditional costumes such as “Baba Ya Ya dress”. There is a service for renting dresses and ancient costumes at the mansion available as well.


This mansion is located in the old town in the area of ​​Krabi Road. There are a total of 2 houses within the same area. The first will be opened as a luxury restaurant serving local dishes and famous dishes of Phuket. The other will be opened as a historical museum which still has the owner's heirs living upstairs.