Loch Palm Golf Club : golf club in the heart of Phuket’s nature
query_builder 30 September 2021

When you are in Phuket, if you have already done most recommended activities, don’t forget another must-do activity: enjoying a popular outdoor sport at a golf course by the largest lake in Phuket. Loch Palm Golf Club is both a great golf course and entertainment center. 


Loch Palm Golf Club is known as Phuket Century Country Club in the past. Loch is Scottish language meaning a lake. Palm is from the larges amount of palm trees at the golf course. Loch Palm Golf Club is a large and luxurious golf course nestled in the middle of beautiful nature with complete facilities. It has always been popular among tourists since the past but the golf course never stops improving with a goal of becoming the best golf course in Thailand. The golf course is located between Patong Beach and Phuket Town, both of which are a commercial district full of shopping centers and restaurants. So, you can easily visit other tourist attractions when you come to Loch Palm Golf Club.


Apart from shady and serene nature, Loch Palm Golf Club also offers a wide range of golf courses varying from a difficulty level for golfers to choose. Each course is challenging in its own way, suitable for golfers of all levels. Moreover, Loch Palm Golf Club also offers other facilities such as luxurious accommodation, buffet dining room, golf carts, fitness, garden, equipment rental service, and souvenir shop.


Loch Palm Golf Club is surrounded by lush green mountains and large lake. Experience unique and challenging golf courses while appreciating the surrounding nature at the worldly renowned golf course.