Suay Restaurant: a restaurant living up to its name
query_builder 30 September 2021

There are many Michelin-star restaurants in Phuket. One of them is Suay Restaurant, a modern Thai restaurant with outstanding Thai cuisine and European cuisine well-known among food enthusiasts.


Suay Restaurant or “Sassy Unique Authentic Yummy” belongs to Chef Noi, Mister Thamasak Chutho, who is a chef from the Iron chef Thailand tv show specializing in contemporary Thai-fusion cuisine. The restaurant is located in Tambon Cheng Talay, about 4 kilometers away from Thao Thep Kasattri Thao Sri Sunthon Monument. The restaurant is decorated in a modern-loft style that utilizes Colonial tiles to represent Phuket’s charm. The atmosphere is classy and romantic. There are two dining zones: indoor zone and outdoor zone. Each zone has its own charm.


What makes the restaurant stand out is not only because of the chef, but also its Thai contemporary concept that serves fine dining cuisine. Every menu is of high-quality and prepared from top-notch ingredients, combining with international cooking techniques to make a unique Thai dish which is the restaurant’s signature.


Recommended menus that customers shouldn’t miss are Mieng Foie gras, fried crab patty, spicy tuna salad, spicy miso soup, banana in hot pan, chocolate ice cream topped with brownie, and mango sticky rice. Unlike ordinary mango sticky rice, the restaurant wraps the sticky rice in a rice paper and deep-fries it. Although this is a high-class restaurant with Michelin-star chef, the price range is in a middle range; quite acceptable comparing to the quality of each dish.


If you are a fan of fine dining, Suay Restaurant is ready to answer your every need with exceptional and delicious cuisine.