Black Rock Viewpoint: a viewpoint for adventurous people
query_builder 30 September 2021

If you have yet to have had enough of sightseeing at Promthep Cape, there is another great viewpoint but not well-known named “Black Rock Viewpoint” hidden among a rich forest. However, everyone who has visited this place said in unison that it is worth a visit! 

Black Rock Viewpoint is located to the south of Phuket. It is a cliff protruding into the ocean located not far from Sam Hat Viewpoint and the famous Promthep Cape. However, due to the inconvenient path leading to the viewpoint, most tourists overlook this place to visit other viewpoints instead. So, Black Rock Viewpoint is very serene and not crowded.

Black Rock Viewpoint is located higher than other viewpoints. Its highlight is the gorgeous scenery of the blue Andaman Sea contrasting with the green grass at the viewpoint. You can see 360-degree of panoramic view at the viewpoint while breathing in fresh air. You can see other popular viewpoints from here. This is another side of Phuket that you probably have never seen before. 

Nowadays, not many people know this viewpoint, because it is a new tourist attraction and it is not easy to access it comparing to other destinations. However, those who have a heart of adventure might love this place because accessing the viewpoint requires some skill. There is no staff to take care of you, only a path leading to the viewpoint. Tourists have to climb the stairs to the viewpoint by themselves. If you want to drive a car, be extra careful because the road is uneven and very steep. Don’t drive a car during a rainy season because the road is slippery that it could cause an accident.

Black Rock Viewpoint is another interesting tourist destination, especially to adventure lovers and social media enthusiasts. The exciting journey to the viewpoint will make you fall even deeper in love with it. Although it isn’t easy to reach the viewpoint, the scenery at the top of the cliff is definitely worth it.