Khao Hau Jook Pagoda: popular viewpoint in Ko Samui
query_builder 30 September 2021

A scenic viewpoint is another popular tourist attraction. If you ever visit Samui, don’t forget to visit a viewpoint at Khao Hau Jook Pagoda. It is located at Wat Sawang Arom near Chaweng Beach (also known as Wat Chaweng). The temple is highly revered by the local people. There is a pagoda named Sri Khot Kiri located at the top of the mountain. It is known to all that around 70 years ago, Luang Phu Krob used to build the Lord Buddha’s footprint at the temple but it deteriorated over the time. Later on, Luang Pho Sa-ngat who was an abbot at the time spent his saving to build a pagoda on top of the Lord Buddha’s footprint for Buddhists and tourists to pay respect to. There is a viewpoint where you can sightsee a scenery of Samui Airport and beautiful beaches. For that reason, this is a popular tourist attraction loved by many tourists. Not only they get to pay respect to the Lord Buddha’s footprint, but they also get to visit the most beautiful viewpoint in Ko Samui. The entrance fee is only 20 baht for you to enjoy the view of Samui. Not only you’ll feel peaceful after making a merit, but you also get to take amazing photos.